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Working in the automotive industry providing tinting services is attainable and rewarding. The Tint School work with leaders in the industry to provide the next generation of window tinters with world class training.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to tinting or looking to upskill for your business. Training courses provided by hand selected window tint trainers will equip you with the tools, knowledge and experience to get tinting on your own.

Learn all the tips and tricks for auto window tint, ceramic coating, PPF and vehicle wrapping from some of the best in the business.


Our Courses

Auto Tint

Auto Tint

Get your basics right with a hands on educational course tinting automotive windows.



Take your business to the next level and offer your client Paint Protection Film services.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ready to expand your skillset? Get up close and personal working with ceramic coating.

Auto wrapping

Auto Wrapping

Learn the skills and techniques for a quality car wrap everytime with industry tips and tricks.

World Class


We belive that the best way to upskill and provide a world class service is to be trained by world class trainers. Join Industry leaders from across the world to learn a variety of automotive tint skills.

From Auto tint to PPF, wrapping and ceramic coating. Our trainers are getting back on the tools to show you the best and easiest practice for window tinting services.


“I made the decision to do this. It’s very important to support my business. I’m a car detailer now and I want to offer to my clients window tinting. This experience was very amazing, thank you very much for all your knowledge, you are very patient. All the techniques you’re teaching us, It’s amazing. I have no words to explain how satisfied I am. The techniques, you give us a lot of choices, it’s not just one. “


“I actually have no experience with tint previously and I thought tinting was good way to start working in the car industry because I like cars a lot. Kind of like a side hustle would be good. The trainings been really good. The class has been super fun. The trainers have been really good. Everybody is at their own pace so there’s no rushing. I think the best part about this class is the hands on experience, just tinting the whole time. Getting step by step instructions from the trainers is really good.”


“My experience with the tint school you’ve got going on is honestly a really good experience. I’ve been to the PPF school in Colorado and they were really good and helpful but you guys just started it from the ground up and really helped us learn. My favourite part has probably been how simple you guys gave it to us. You guys gave it to us really well which is something hard to come across.”



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